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As Low as $99 per month !

WaxCloud's Video On Demand Global distribution, fast-start playback of your video

WaxCloud's VOD system distributes your video to the world efficiently, and it's easy to use. We take in your encoded mp4 files and stream them to mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets. Setup is free, and comes with rsync, unix shell, and ftp/sftp access to our storage. Your control panel view of your content displays critical details like encoding, duration, and viewport dimensions, and gives you an easy one-click player for desktop flash, android and iOS.

Waxcloud: Fast Start Video What makes this system superior?
Waxcloud gets viewers to your stream faster. How do we do this?

We have our own system that assigns viewers to close streams. When you embed our streaming URLs in your website, you are using this system. There is no delay while the CDN searches for a fast node; selection has already been done. Viewers get the fastest start, as the connection to the stream is made as soon as the page loads.

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