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As Low as $199 per month !

The Recording System takes your RTMP streams and records either the entire stream end to end, optionally segmented by time, or just the portions you desire. You have an mp4 file in your storage in about an hour after your stream ends. The system is configurable to your requirements. We provide recording controls in our control panel, and also provide code for you to use in your own web application.

Optional features include recording unconditionally, recording only if control commands are sent, and instant access where the movie file is immediately available for playback when the stream ends. Perfect for sporting events.

This feature includes the VOD system file browser and player generator.

Hourly Recording

Hourly Recording is a version of Recording that takes your RTMP streams and continuously records, with each hour saved as a separate mp4 file for archiving and later viewing. Perfect for installed cameras, surveillance systems, and security installations. The time period for file splitting is configurable. Setup is free.

WaxCloud Recording System FAQ

How does it work?

A: Your stream(s) are copied to disk, as well as streamed live to the world. This is a bit copy, done in mp4 format. We have two systems, one that records an hour at a time. This is ideal for surveillance, churches, and other systems where you want readable, reliable archiving of continuously streamed cameras, and where doing full length recording of a stream is impractical due to the length of the continuous stream. The other system does recording of the entire stream, either based on the presence of the stream, or under command and control from our control panel. It's good for sporting events where you want to provide access to the event after the fact, and don't want any interruption.

Q: Can I tell the server when to start recording, and when to stop?

A: Yes. We have HTTP controls in the control panel that will allow you to start/stop and split a recording.

Q: How quickly can I get the recording out? I need extremely fast time to publish.

A: The file appears about an hour after you stop recording, in your storage archive. We also have "Instant VOD" where we record a predictable filename, which is made immediately available when the stream ends. This is the fastest time to publish available from any CDN. Really cool when combined with transcoding.

Q: How much is disk storage?

A: It's $0.50 per GB, stored on large ZFS arrays, replicated to a backup.

Q: Do I have to have a VOD account with this?

A: This feature comes with VOD service. You will be able to browse to your recordings and instantly generate a fully compatible player for most devices.

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